Lay Up Services

Lay Up Services



Due to the recent down turn in the global economy there is an over supply of commercial ships on the market that is driving single voyage and charter rates down to the point where it is not cost effective for an Owner to operate.
As such Owners are looking for places to anchor their vessels where simple layup procedures can be implemented to preserve the condition of their vessels until the economy picks up again.


The objective is to offer Owners a secure and alternative location to Singapore OPL Western and Eastern Anchorage, away from the major shipping lanes, but still be within close proximity to offer the excellent support and network from Shipyards and Contractors that exist in the region.


BDP caters to all types of vessels including oil tankers, LNG carriers (both Moss and membrane type ships), drill ships, cableships, container ships and (floating production, storage and offshoreloading structures). We are able to tailor the lay-up to suit owner and vesselrequirements, so ensuring vessels are returned in optimum condition.


The lay-up anchorage is at a secure, sheltered anchorage off the south coast of Batam and sheltered by PulauRempang and PulauGalang. The Area measures 140 square nautical miles as and can be approached easily from Singapore Eastern and Western Anchorage. There is enough space to layup more than 250 large sized tankers.
The anchorage has good holding ground in up to 25 metres of water and a current of no more than a few knots, allowing ships to be moored to a single anchor.
The Lay-up area is bound by the following co-ordinates:





00° 41.30′ N

104° 00.00′E


00° 42.80′N

104° 11.50′ E


00° 49.70′N

104° 00.00′ E


00° 49.70′N

104° 07.30′ E

Tides in this area are diurnal and have a approximate range of 3.20 m.
Nearest Tidal Predictions Point, market (H) in BA Chart No. 3833, is at: 01o 00′North, 103o 34′ East.
Tide and Current Predictions for the above point can be found in admiralty Tide Tables, Vol. 3 and is considered accurate for Batam Lay-up anchorages without correction.
Current is diurnal and direction is approximately SSE / NNW respectively.
Current during Spring tide may reach 2.3 kts, while the average peak current for the whole cycle is approximately 1.5 kts. Maximum current is given as 3 kts at point (H).
The current is generally tidal nad only marginally influanced during Nov/Dec/Jan/Feb/, where the SSW flow may increase due to NNW’ly wind in the Malaca Strait and NNE’ly in the Southern part of the South China Sea.